System Living is a blog co-written by two alters in a DID system, Snake and Worm. While trying to help other system friends, we found that most resources for DID/OSDD-1 were abstract or clinical, so we started this blog to be a resource of guides, coping strategies, and other helpful things, from our system to yours. We may also share our experiences, and try to combat the misinformation and stigma that can come with being a system. This website is primarily a resource for people with DID or OSDD-1, diagnosed or not, but we hope that even if that doesn't apply to you, you'll still find something helpful or at least interesting here!

Unfortunately, being public about having DID carries a lot of risks. For our safety, we have decided to use pseudonyms for this blog. If you'd like to contact us outside of this blog, you can do so at systemlivingblog@gmail.com.

What do all these words and acronyms mean? Check out the glossary! Links to glossary definitions will always have a dotted underline, so you can tell them apart from other links.

Snake (any pronouns)

Hi, I'm Snake! I do most of the writing and editing here. I started out as our system caretaker, and while I've largely grown out of my old system role, I still find myself wanting to help other people as much as I can. I hope you enjoy your stay!

Worm (they/it)

And I'm Worm :D I do more of the art and code side of things on this site! I'm our system mascot, but Snake and I front about equally. I love learning new things and I'm always seeking to understand myself and the world around me, so I want to share some of the things I've learned here! I also struggle with psychosis, catatonia, and other underrepresented symptoms, so you'll hear some about them from me.